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Miley Moments of the Summer 2023

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I can't believe this is my first time writing a blog to introduce myself on! I have the about page with a sweet little bio about Jamie, our Staff Coordinator, and I, but I love a little casual introduction. I hope to pop in on the blog every now and then to give a little glimpse into my personal life outside of weddings!

This sweet family photo (thanks to Shea Gibson Photography) is a picture into the best parts of my life! My husband, Blake, and I are celebrating 13 years together and 6 years of marriage. We've seen lots of life together since we started dating at the young age of 15, and so much of Olivia Miley Events is driven by our wedding and our marriage! We added our daughter, Ava-Blake, to our family in 2021, and while motherhood is a whirlwind of a job, it is certainly the best job I've ever had!

Here's a little update on all the fun happenings of our summer:

  • After almost 6 years working full time AND running this business full time, July launched the first month of Olivia Miley Events being my full-full time job!!! It was a huge leap of faith for us, but such perfect timing for my entire family! I'm so excited for the new steps of growth I'll be able to take with Olivia Miley Events in the coming months having more focused time just for OME!

  • Ava-Blake and I have been going non-stop this summer! We've enjoyed pool days, play dates, trips, zoo visits, and so much more! Aside from working and wedding days, we've spent every waking hour together, and I love it. She starts back to school next week, and we are both so excited for our new routine!

wedding planner putting flower crown in child's hair

  • OME has celebrate 10 amazing wedding days since the beginning of May, and it has been so much fun! Let me tell you, it has been HOT!!! Who thinks active wear dresses should stay in style forever? I had Danette from Cookie's Creations monogram the OME logo on a few dresses for my wedding days, and that's been a game changer! Danette doesn't just monogram. She makes the yummiest sweets and treats that are a perfect addition to guest welcome boxes for your hotel rooms. She can do the entire box custom with labeled water bottles and treats, tied with a bow, and ready for delivery!

  • If anyone knows my husband, you know he is always outside! This summer has been no exception. We have loved hitting golf balls across the field out back, riding around the neighborhood in the side by side, and taking our dogs for a little swim in the pond most evenings this summer! Those sweet little moments with my family make the world go round!

  • Another big move for this summer was to change to an entirely new wedding planning software! My brides have been so encouraging and stuck in there as we worked out kinks in our processes. Our new software has been a game-changer, and I know it will only allow Jamie and me to serve our brides so much better!

In the next few weeks, I will be working on blogging some of the best 2023 wedding days while I focus on all the fun weddings coming up for the second half of the year! I'm hoping to start sharing blogs of wedding planning tips, photo inspiration, and more glimpses into the Miley Moments that fill my days while I'm not working! Also hoping to get fully moved into my newly renovated office soon! Stay tuned, friends, and thanks for always being so supportive of Olivia Miley Events! Keep scrolling for a little glimpse into the best, simplest summer ever!

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