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Rings laid out on a wedding invitation


the Olivia Miley Events team

What began as a love inspired hobby, quickly evolved into a company fueled by beautiful marriage, consistency in chaos, and stunning details. I'm Olivia Miley, and together with an amazing team, Olivia Miley Events was born in 2017.


I am passionate about family, friendship, motherhood, marriage and much more. I'm action-oriented, value-driven, and capable. Along with my team, we love to bring a level of vivacious fun and hard work to each wedding day as we create gorgeous events with a focus on our bride and groom and the story they are beginning.

To us, our events function like a seamless production so our clients and their guests can experience the magic of the celebration. I'm here to be your friend when you need one, to bring an objective solution to your wedding planning quandary, and to help you create a personal, incredible wedding day without the stress of planning alone. It is our goal to cheer on our couples as they enter the most precious chapter of newlywed life.​

Based in South Mississippi, my husband, Blake, and I are navigating our newest journey of parenthood. We've spent over a decade falling more in love with each other, and in 2021, we added our daughter, Ava Blake, to our family. We love to spend our downtime with family and friends, cooking out at home, and sneaking away for a date night!

olivia miley

Olivia Miley sitting on a stool

jamie richards

Jamie Richards sitting on a bench

Jamie is our OME Staff Coordinator! Since joining the team in 2021, Jamie has gone from assisting Olivia on wedding days to now leading her own wedding days as our Staff Coordinator. If Jamie Is managing your wedding day, you can guarantee your events will run smooth from start to finish!


As a fifth grade teacher, Jamie is a master at taming a crowd (or your family and friends!) and creating a fun, organized environment. She is detail-oriented and focused on the bigger picture- the I Do's at the end of each day! A people person at heart, she considers being a part of each wedding a gift and serving brides and their families a true privilege!


It's been over a decade since Jamie was a bride! She is married to Jacob and is a mom of two fun-loving kiddos, Lilah Kate and Cooper! When she's not teaching or working on wedding days, Jamie is at usually at the ballpark! She is an amazing addition to the Olivia Miley Events team!

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