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Planning wedding days with my friends is ALWAYS a treat, and the Reeves + Kronkosky wedding was no exception! Taylor, like many 2020 brides, had to make so many changes to her wedding day, but the changes all paid off when she got to say I do in her childhood backyard under huge Mississippi Gulf Coast oak trees! It was a beautiful night of celebrating, dancing, and love!

Of course with any wedding, there are always factors to consider as you plan that may be specific to your big day. Taylor's wedding, for example, was at her house that her parent's still live in. While having your wedding at home makes for some amazing, sentimental memories, it also means lots of work for your family as they become the wedding venue staff while still working to enjoy the wedding day.

My best advice for a private property wedding is:

  • PLAN AHEAD for all scenarios! Talk to your wedding planner about plan A, plan B, and even worst case scenario so you know you've got all the kinks worked out.

  • Your private property wedding doesn't have to be DIY. Hire professional vendors who cover all their bases, so you and your family have less to worry about. Be prepared for things like extra power, weather plans, parking logistics and more as you discuss plans with your potential wedding vendors!

  • Hire extra staff! Ask your vendors to hire extra assistants (wedding planner, caterer, florist, photographer, etc) to make up for lost man power from the lack of venue staff. You can also include setup and cleanup in your package with every vendor who offers the services to save your family lots of effort before and after the fun is over!

Vendor Team

Event Planning: Olivia Miley Events

Photography: Eric with Geaux Garcia

Rentals: ABC Rentals


Hair: Erin Stedman

Makeup: Samantha Williams

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